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Hurricane season 2022

Hurricane Season 2022: Above Average Activity Predicted

Once again, for the seventh consecutive year, forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center are predicting above-average activity in 2022 – leading to a range of anywhere from 14-21 named storms. Out of these storms, we can expect 3 to 6 major hurricanes with a category rating of 3, 4 or 5.

Hurricanes ranked this high have sustained winds of 111 mph or higher, which can wreck havoc on homes and roofing systems.

What is causing the increased activity?

Environmental/climate factors play a large role, including the persistent La Niña that helps create warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, combined with weaker tropical trade winds and an enhanced west African monsoon.

So basically, La Niña suppresses hurricane activity in the central and eastern Pacific basins, and enhances it in the Atlantic basin.

How can I stay prepared?

Obviously, preparedness is the key to any emergency situation. For tropical storms and hurricanes, this is a good punch list (click on each item for more detailed info):

  1. Determine the risk
  2. Have an evacuation plan
  3. Stock up on emergency supplies
  4. Check on your existing homeowners insurance policy
  5. Strengthen your home
  6. Help others when possible
NOAA Hurricane Prediction 2022

What does all this potentially mean for my home’s roof?

Clearly, all of these are predictions. But if a hurricane or tropical storm does hit, you should make sure your home is as prepared as possible. If you live on or near the coast of South Carolina, and your roof is 15 years old, have it inspected asap. (Yes! Clyde Nettles works all over the state, including the coastal areas and the low country!)

Due to periodic storms, average windfall and high winds that are commonplace on or near the coast, roofing systems don’t last quite as long as they do further inland. If your home has already experienced one (or several) bad storms, have a trusted roofer come out and inspect your roof; they can let you know if it’s still in good shape or if it needs repairs.

If you’re further inland in South Carolina, let’s hope we don’t have any more Hurricane Hugos – a 1989 storm that ripped right through the middle of the state and actually increased in size/force as it moved.

Even if this rare instance doesn’t happen, you can bet most hurricanes are large enough to still bring massive rain, potential hail and high winds to most areas in the state (depending on its exact path).

So even if you’re close to our home base in Columbia, SC, you should still be concerned with an older roof – especially if you live in some of the areas where we’ve experienced recent hail storms. A compromised roof during another bad storm can lead to an even larger problem that may require remodeling work on the inside of your home in addition to the roof damage.

hurricane damage with trees down

At Clyde Nettles Roofing, our vastly experienced professionals know exactly what to look for to determine the strength and integrity of your roofing system. And should a bad storm hit – anywhere in South Carolina – we are the best Storm Damage Experts and already have long term relationships with all major insurance carriers.

We work closely with your insurance provider to ensure you’re getting high quality repairs (or replacement) that we back with our 72+ year reputation. Proud to be locally owned, we’ve serviced this great state since 1950 and have established ourselves as “South Carolina’s most trusted roofer.”

But don’t take our word for it, check out some of our amazing online reviews here.

If you or any of your friends or family, anywhere in the state, have questions about their roof, have them contact us today. We’ll do everything possible to keep your homes in the best shape for anything mother nature may toss at it. 

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