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ceiling stains cause by roof leak

Recognizing and Investigating Roof Leaks

The dreaded ceiling stain: the tell-tale sign of a leak somewhere in your roofing system. If you find a ceiling stain in your home or business, you should know the proper steps to take. Investigating roof leaks and identifying the underlying issue is crucial before it leads to something more severe.

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fallen leaves on roof

Prevent Possible Roof Damage from Fall Leaves

Ah the fall has finally arrived, bringing with it the upcoming holidays, pumpkin spiced everything, beautiful colors of brown and orange, and tons of fallen leaves.

As we spend countless hours gathering these leaves up out of our yards, too many people don’t think about also getting them off of you roof. Which can lead to some serious issues down the road and shorten the lifespan of your roofing system.

Here are some ways you can prevent falling leaves from doing any possible damage to your home and roof.

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