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How To Know When You Need To Replace Your Roof

Quality roofing systems can last a long time – but eventually, due to time, elements and just normal wear, it will need to be replaced. But how are you supposed to know? Listed below are some major indicators to take into consideration. 

*Please note: if you have any questions about the integrity of your roof, do not hesitate to call the professionals at Clyde Nettles. Our staff has the most years of combined experience than anyone else in the state of South Carolina, and our craftsmanship and customer service are second to none.

replacing your roof

Overall Age of Roof – Know the History

Let’s face it: getting old is a fact of life not only for people but also for your roof. As it ages, the shingles, tar, nails, flashing and more can start to deteriorate. But how do you know the age?

  1. Ask the previous owners
    If you purchased the house from a real estate agent, contact that agent and ask for a copy of the Property Condition Disclosure, which should (if known) tell you the age of the roof. 
  2. If you still can’t locate the date of installation, check with your local municipality’s code enforcement office; a roof replacement typically requires a building permit before the work can be performed.

Material Life Expectancy: When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Now that you know the age of the roof, get a general estimate of the average material life expectancy.

*Keep in mind these are general estimates; the climate of where you live may make your roof age at a faster pace. For example, those in the low country of SC that experience more extreme heat, humidity and high winds may not get the same expectancy of someone in the upstate with cooler temperatures and lower humidity (and less storms).

Craftsmanship of the Previous Roofer

We’ve been in business for over 72 years, and have seen a lot of roofing companies come and go in that time. Not to mention questionable contractors cutting corners in order to save money on building homes. This being said, sometimes the age of the roof isn’t in question, but instead the quality of work that was performed upon installation. We have replaced roofs before on a home that was only 5 years old, but due to inept craftsmanship and generally sloppy work, the shingles were already sliding off the house. When you do need a roof, make sure you contact a roofer with a quality reputation that has been in business for years and will stand behind their work. If you’re buying a new construction home, make sure you get solid warranty guarantees on all structural components of the home.


Look for Signs of Wear/Damage

If you’re able, climb up on a ladder to inspect your roof. Or if you know someone with a drone, they can be very helpful in providing photos/video footage of your roof without all the climbing! Here’s what to look for:

Missing, misplaced or damaged shingles
The shingles provide your roof with the outermost protection, so when this part of your roof starts to fail then your home is more vulnerable to the outside elements. If you don’t notice any missing or damaged shingles, look for uneven discoloration or black streaks.

Check your storm gutters
Clogged storm gutters trap water along the roof’s edge, and pooled/standing water is never good for longevity of shingles. Also look for small shingle granules in the gutters, this may be another sign that it’s getting time for a new roof.

Check your flashing
Flashing is the lining that surrounds chimneys, pipe vents and hood exhausts. If the tar or material around your flashing is cracked or crumbling, you may already have the potential for leaks. Flashing can very often need to be repaired inbetween actual full roof replacements. 

Check your attic
If your roof is compromised, the first place you will see signs is in your attic. Look for stains or streaks on the plywood or on beams. Typically small leaks will run down beams before eventually getting worse and dripping onto the ceiling.


Get a professional roof inspection

Now that you’ve done your own investigative work, if you noticed anything out of the ordinary, it’s time to call the most trusted roofer in South Carolina: Clyde Nettles Roofing. We’ll send out one our experienced professionals to take a look and give you our honest opinion on how to proceed. Many times we will tell you that you’ve still got a few years left, and to call us at a later date. Sometimes, it’s just a small repair. If it is more than that, we will provide you with a fair estimate for a roof-replacement. 

We’ve built a reputation of quality craftsmanship and customer service in South Carolina since 1950. Locally owned and family operated, we take care of our customers and focus on building long term relationships. You may not need a new roof now, but we hope when you do, you will contact the only roofer in SC that stands behind their work every time.